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Whenever you want to cross through mud, sand, or swamp, MUD-TRAKS will take you and your equipment where other mats or plywood can’t. These portable roadway mats are designed with a solid fiberglass grid structure that channels tire load throughout the mat.


Industries where MUD-TRAKS is used:

  • Utilities
  • Drilling
  • Structure Movers
  • Heavy Construction
  • Cemetery
  • Tree Service


Performance: Spreads the tire load over an area 15 times larger than the tire.

Durability: The strongest and most rigid mat in the industry that men can lift.

Save Time: No lost time because of stuck vehicles or equipment.

Save Money: Stop replacing slippery, heavy, wet, rotten, broken plywood.

Prevent Injuries: Lightweight, with a rope handle for easy lifting.

Safety: Doesn’t conduct electricity.

Resistant: Not affected by water, chemicals, or temperature.

Ease of Handling: Easy to load, unload, store, and lift.

Design: Most aggressive traction surface in the industry.

Variety: Multiple sizes available.

Customization: Custom colors and logos available.

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Brochure (PDF)

MUD-TRAKS Crossing Swampland

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